Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is committed to building a culture that values and celebrates environmental best practices. We strive to create a sustainable and environmentally equitable Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse through improving current protocols, while evaluating new processes that will help us raise our sustainability ceiling. We aim to put ourselves into a position that allows us to be civic leaders in this space.

“At Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, we strive to create a sustainable and environmentally equitable venue through improving current protocols, while evaluating new processes that will help us raise our sustainability ceiling,” Michael Lathrop, Senior Manager of Venue Projects and Leader of the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Sustainability Council, Cleveland Cavaliers, said. “We aim to put ourselves into a position that allows us to be civic leaders in this space.”

  • Rocket Recycling: With the help of Republic Services, the Official Recycling and Waste Partner of Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, we recycle cardboard and paper products, plastic bottles, plastic cups, and aluminum cans. In October 2022, we began refining our event clean up to include in-arena sorting at the point of collection. We have also changed our concourse receptacles to better target our collection goals and to minimize contamination. Through these efforts, our diversion rate has increased 71% from previous seasons to an overall diversion rate of 35%. 

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse has significantly decreased the amount of waste going to the landfill by an average of 71% each month through the implementation of a streamlined process to include more materials to be recycled.

  • Compost Club:  Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse has teamed up with Rust Belt Riders, the Official Composting Partner of the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, to enhance our composting program. We have streamlined a back of house process that includes providing our administration offices and premium locations the opportunity to compost, along with composting all back of house food waste and scraps. This organic material serves as the base for soil blends nourishing locally grown food.  

We provided over 8,00 pounds of food waste in 2022. Compost produced from Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is used by cities and municipalities, universities, professional landscapers, gold courses and park systems to grow community green spaces and gardens.

  • Green Sports Alliance: The Green Sports alliance provides Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse and other members with a Play to Zero reporting framework utilizing specific strategies to address emission reductions in the energy, waste, and transportation sectors. Play to Zero is a leadership recognition platform and sustainability performance toolkit that will guide and celebrate progress toward a resilient future for the sport and our communities.

Certification and Accreditation

Other Notable Strides In Sustainability 

  • Our housekeeping team currently uses products sourced from NICHOLS. All products we receive have certifications from organizations that align with our sustainablity goals. We explore resources including biobased products that help to meet the highest standard for protecting health and reduce enviornmental impact.
  • The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Clean Team uses enviornmentally friendly reusable mircofiber towels and cotton cloths.
  • The KOLO System is a smart bathroom solution that ensures dispensers are stocked and fixtures are functional. The results allowed RMFH to reduce paper waste to 7% and improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • 2022-2023 Season:
    • 3,816 lbs of recycled electronics to MCPC.
    • 15,500 lbs of durable goods were donated to Habitat for Humanity.
    • 5,180 lbs of batteries and light fixtures recycled.
    • Averaging approximately 25,523 lbs of recycled material per month.
    • Averaging approximately 12,125 lbs of compost a month.
    • 89% of new contrustion project waste was diverted from landfills.

Engrained as a pillar in the Northeast Ohio community, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse has taken on the responsibility to consciously reduce post-consumer waste while intentionally raising community awareness of environmental best practices. Together Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse and its partners can continue efforts to expand their sustainability protocols, keeping Cleveland and the surrounding community beautiful for years to come.